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The Simple Life

The Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th Century was a reaction to the design excesses and mass production of the Industrial Age. It emphasized design that was simple, hand-crafted and true to the nature of the materials from which it was made.

The creative influences of designers and artisans such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Elbert Hubbard, Charles and Henry Greene, Dirk Van Erp, Gustav Stickley and Louis Comfort Tiffany established this quintessential American art form. Harmoniously uniting organic architecture and hand-crafted furnishings this form encourages a simpler lifestyle and a return to basics.

Southern Californian artists and architects involved in this movement found special forms of inspiration and opportunity along the Arroyo Seco. An outgrowth of desire for a connection between nature and the creative process was The Arroyo Guild of Fellow Craftsman. The Arroyo Guild published a pamphlet entitled “Arroyo Craftsman” in 1909 that captured the community’s collective imagination by championing man’s innate need to create beautiful things with his own hands.

In the late 1980’s, a Pasadena artisan, who had grown up surrounded by the “ultimate bungalows” of the Greene Brothers, believed that the time had come again to embrace the design and lifestyle promoted by the Arts and Crafts movement and created what became Arroyo Craftsman.

Arroyo Craftsman designs and manufactures fine architectural and landscape lighting that honors the traditions of elegant simplicity combined with quality craftsmanship established by the founders of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Our creative interpretations of this design aesthetic and strict attention to quality have made us the premier manufacturer of contemporary Arts and Crafts inspired lighting.

Hand Craftsmanship

The hand-craftsmanship involved in building Arroyo Craftsman products has changed very little the past seventy years. Each Vermont made picture lights is hand rolled, soldered, buffed and assembled by our employees. In addition, each employee checks the quality to ensure that only the finest lights are shipped to our valued customers throughout the world.

Made in the USA

Our products are made in America to assure lasting performance.

We Take Custom Orders!

Interesting Facts


Arroyo Craftsman can be found in many arts and crafts historical registers.

Made in America

All Arroyo Craftsman fixtures are manufactured at our factory in Illinois.


Each light is hand crafted and assembled in Illinois.

Handcrafted Quality

In 2013 we purchased Scatchard Stoneware and opened our pottery in Hyde Park, Vermont. Using a high fire reduction process and proprietary glazes, we now offer decorative lamps with beautiful deep finishes that will stand the test of time.

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